Friday, November 25, 2011

2012, The Year of the Black Water Dragon

According to eastern horoscope 2012 is the year of the Dragon – the Black Water Dragon. 

Sea Dragon Print by SOFIARTGALLERY

It will start on 23th of January 2012 and will end on 9th of February 2013.

The essential element of the year is water. The main color is black, it represents the cosmos, the polar night, and the darkness above the vast. The main symbol is the Dragon-a mythic and extraordinary creature. 2012 is a year with an extremely important karmic meaning, therefore it should be met in special manner, with special attitude and special meaningful gifts. It is high time for you to start thinking about your own peace and decorate your life with gorgeous accessories.

A symbol of welfare and abundance. It keeps the home and protects the business. You can  choose everything with representation of a dragon (excluding fire dragons) for a gift.
Gift Ideas:
Home and office décor - statue or miniature, that are made of wood, ceramic, crystal or   germstones. The talisman should be placed on a monument.

Wood Carvings by MARYIA ARTS
For the boss, the hostess, the relatives, the friends,  the person who has it all -  choose painting, souvenir or decoration – everything that depicts a Dragon will bring luck and fortune during all the year and will give joy  by the gifts.


Original Painting by JLNILSSON

Vintage Dragon by THAT 70s SHOPPE


For children - you can get toys, clothes or accessories with Dragon forms or symbols.

Kids Room Decoration Set "Dragons & Friends" by AI

Funny Cartoons "Dragons" by MARTIN JOVEV 
For the person that you love, for him, for her, unisex - the best choice will be  jewelry or accessory that has the extravagant spirit of the Dragon.
Dragon on Amethyst by MAGICKFETISH
Shells, Waterstars, Mussels, Fishes, Mermaids, Pearls
As the year element is water, all sea and water symbols  are good gifts, which  will bring both happiness and luck to your beloveds.
Gift Ideas:
For everyone - a sea, ocean and waterfalls photography, mermaid and fish painting or applique will be the perfect universal gifts.
Home and office décor shells, waterstars, mussels shells - suitable for home decoration.
Vintage Illustration by DEJA VU PRINT STORE

Photographic Art Print Boats" by MAY4KA
Pouch "Fish&bubbles" by BESS CORNER

Wood Candel Holder by SVETLI79
Set of 2 Crochet Fish Coaster by MILENACH
For children - toys or clothes with sea elements.

Crossed Stiched Card by DANINA CRAFTS

Personalised Wall Art by YASSIS PLACE
Women gifts - The sea and seashell motives are great for woman accessory.
Hand Painted Silk Scarf by KLARADAR
Blue Sea Earrings by KUKLA STUDIO
The germstone of the Dragon and the year 2012.
One ancient legend tells a story about the the god's choice of the most beautiful stones for each of zodiac animals. The amethyst has been given to the dragon. This stone is related with the intuition, intellect,  wealth and spirituality.
Gift Ideas:
For teens, for girls, for women  - jewelry with amethyst beads.
Long Amethyst Necklace by ANA MARINA
Amethyst Rosary by myPARADE ATELIE
Home and office décor - amethyst tree,  miniature or figure made of amethyst.

Amethyst Wire Scupture by WIRE MY TREE
Don't miss the the jewelry with pearls, they symbolize the water nature of the Dragon. 
The water dragon doesn't like to drop the pearl from his paws because it is a guarantee for wellbeing during the year.
The black color is the main trend in clothes and accessories for the year 2012. 
Gift Ideas:
Black Crochet Tote by BAGS by FAIMA
Black Wrap Dress by POLINA ANGELOVA

The dragon is associated with carnivals and cheering, it doesn't like the boredom, so you can combine black with green, red and all vivid and distinguish colours! 
The dragon likes everything with golden glance.
Gift Ideas:
Home decor and hostess gifts - choose home set, illustration or accessory glitterring in gold!
Vase in Gold by NEVENA ART GLASS

Decoupage Plate by NATALIA DECOR
Hand Painted Golden Shawl by BSERENE
For you - choose jewelry and accessories or try a make-up in gold.
The perfect combination of the year 2012.
Gift Ideas:

The year is in water element, so love all shades of blue!
Choose gifts-talismans for your relatives.
Wear classic black clothes and emphasize on golden jewelry or choose vivid dress for the hollydays.
Cook light dishes and sea dishes , but spice them with strong flavours - black pepper , basil, cardamon, etc..
Light aromatised candles.
Choose a dynamic music.
Empower yourself with brightness and positiveness! Be distinguished and extravagant during  during the all new year! 


  1. It is amazing! Amazing to reveal the meanings and talismans of the coming year with a selection of such quality hand made items!
    And Thanks for featuring mine!

    Blessings for Love, Joy and Abundance!

    Happy Dragon Year!
    Savenna for Solandia

  2. As a astrology being one of my hobbies, I find this article very my husband is a dragon, but the fire kind:)) .. - and thank you for including my jewelry.

  3. Interesting article with lots of useful information! Thank you for my inclusion:)